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"Dog Park"

I have a dog; a pure black dog whose name is "Trix".
He always sticks by me, he's my four legged best friend.

My dog's a happy dog when he's at the dog park.
He runs with the other dog's, they yelp, woof and bark.

So to the park my dog and I run.
Play fetch with a ball and Frisbees just for fun.

When we arrive some dogs are barking and growling at each other.
Not mine he's all whine he has no bark, just like his buddy "Butters".

Their barks mean g'morning, howdy and how do you do!
They don't want to end up barking up the wrong tree, you see.

It is such a wonderful sound, the dogs running all around.
I brought a ball for me to throw, off he runs look at him go.

A red setter, a black lab and my own "nimrod" or "doofus",
Whirl around the park like speed skaters at the Olympics.

Tongues flying behind like pink wet flags, so many dogs romping,
bounding, ploughing into each other all you see is a tangle of legs.

Boisterous barreling over wood chips and mud.
Trying to reach the ball first, they smash into me with a huge thud.

It's getting late now start your goodbyes, it is time to go.

A little rump wiggling here and lick or two and a touch of the nose.

We head home and later that night well after dark,
My little black dog will be dreaming of his day at the dog park!

- anonymous