proudly serving moore county's pampered pooches since 2009



  • All dogs must be Pooch Park members. Family members & their friends who have not been through an orientation are not permitted in the park unless accompanied by a member. Additionally each and every dog must be registered with PPIP before the dog is allowed to ​enter the park. For this reason, dog sitters for hire are not permitted in the park.
  • The Pooch Park is open dawn to dusk.
  • Three dogs maximum, per member.​


  • Each dog family must enter a code to enter the park. 
  • Do not hold the gate open for another dog family.
  • NEVER under any circumstances give the code to anyone. You have no way of knowing if their membership is current, or if their shot records are up to date.  If someone has forgotten the code, they need to email us at
  • Only 1 dog family at a time inside the double gated area. Wait for others to exit before entering or exiting this area.
  • Leash your dog(s) at your car and until safely inside the double gated area. Remove leash prior to entering the fenced parks. Keep your leash with you at all times while in the park. When exiting, leash your dog while in the double gated area and then exit.
  • Ensure each gate closes behind you at all times.
  • Dogs already in the park should be kept away from the gates as other dogs enter & exit. This is very important when new dogs enter.
  • Dogs must wear a flat buckle collar. No prong, spike, choke, or pinch collars.​

Small/Large Dog Sides of Park

  • The park has two fenced and gated areas: ​
  • Small side for dogs less than 26 lbs
  • Large side for dogs 26 lbs and over​

Typically large dogs are not permitted in the small dog area. However, large dogs will be allowed in the small dog side ONLY if there are no small dogs on that side. 

If an owner brings a small dog and wants to enter the small dog side, the large dog owner must leave the small side with their dog(s) promptly. The small dog owner may need to notify the large dog owner of their intent to enter the park if the large dog owner does not see them immediately. The small dog owner should wait outside the main gate for the large dog to either vacate the park, or move to the large dog park. Only then should the small dog enter the gate area and proceed into the small side.


  • Dogs must be 4 months or older.
  • Current rabies, Distemper-parvo, Bordetella vaccines required.
  • Healthy dogs only
  • Spaying and neutering is strongly recommended for safety reasons.
  • Female dogs in heat are NOT allowed.
  • Human dog bites must be reported to Animal Control : (910) 947-2858.
  • Dogs with a history of fighting/biting are prohibited.​

Owner Responsibilities

  • Humans must wear shoes.
  • Dogs must be supervised at all times by their owners.
  • If your dog digs, fill in the holes.
  • Owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dog/dogs.
  • If inappropriate behavior is observed, take immediate action.
    • Move your dog to another part of the park.
    • Give your dog a time out.
    • Leave the park. (have a leash with you all times so you can remove your dog promptly.)​

These are “No-No’s!”

  • No food (dog or human), no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no weapons.
  • No bikes, strollers, wagons, roller blades, coolers, or children’s toys.
  • No dog toys with the exception of tennis balls.​


  • Adult must accompany children under 16. Children under 12 are not allowed in the park.
  • Children must be strictly supervised. Realize children can easily be run over by dogs.
  • Children are to behave in an adult-like manner:​
    • Quiet voices, standing, walking, no chasing dogs.
    • Petting of dogs with owner permission only.